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Uni Initiate Chris' rich Masonic life 

The first student to be Initiated through the Universities Scheme in Dorset has received his Grand Lodge Certificate. Bro Chris Hare, who was Initiated into Freemasonry by the then Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Richard Merritt, has enjoyed an active Masonic journey during his first sixteen months as a member of London Haven Lodge, no.7300. more...

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Philippe Exalted into St Cuthberga Chapter 

Wimborne Exaltation

On Thursday 16th January 2020. Philippe Bouchex completed his journey in Pure and Ancient Freemasonry by being Exalted into St Cuthberga Chapter No. 622.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by those Companions present.

Accompanied by Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter, the Provincial Third Grand Principal, Clive Deakin, was also in attendance to witness Comp. Philippe take his Fourth Step. more...

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Amphibious support The Samaritans 

Michael Raine, Treasurer of the Amphibious Lodge, was welcomed into the Royal Arch in the Amphibious Chapter, at their January convocation, during which Michael McHugh, First Principal, conducted an impressive exaltation ceremony with members of the Chapter presenting Lectures in catechism form (questions and answers). more...

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Freemasons give $150,000 for victims of Australian bush fires 

People who have lost everything in the catastrophic Australian bushfires will be among those to benefit from a grant of AUS$150,000 (£79,000) from Dorset Freemasons to the Disaster Relief Funds set up by Freemasons in Australia.

The grant from the English and Welsh Freemasons' charity will see AUS$50,000 given to the Australian Freemasons' Disaster Relief Funds in each of the three states most affected by the blaze: New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. more...

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Dorset Freemasons through the MCF bring Christmas cheer to older people 

Far too many older people spend Christmas entirely on their own, never receiving a single card or present. This past year, however, saw around 2,000 isolated and lonely older people who have contacted The Silver Line Helpline receive a gift and a card, thanks to a grant of £7,500 from Dorset Freemasons through the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), the freemasons charity.

The Silver Line offers emotional support and friendship to vulnerable and isolated older people. more...

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Dorset Freemasons Support DorSAR 

Dorset Search and Rescue (DorSAR) - - is a team of highly trained volunteers who work with the Police, Coastguard and other emergency services in search and recovery of missing persons, swift water and flood water rescue, search and recovery of significant objects and support at major incidents. Brethren of London Haven Lodge, no.7300, presented the local charity with a cheque for £1000 during the Christmas meeting. more...

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December 2019 Regular Meeting 

Two weeks after our Installation meeting we all met again for our regular Christmas meeting on Friday December 13th. Traditionally in The Ashley Lodge this is our Past Masters evening where Past Masters of the Lodge take over and perform a ceremony. This year they had the honour of performing a 2nd degree ceremony for one of our newest members, Mark (The Grinch) Thompson. more...

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Christmas at the oldest Lodge in the Province 

The December meeting of the Lodge of Amity was, as always, their 'business' meeting where the Master for the ensuing year is elected. But with that essential business out of the way, the Festive Board was the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with turkey, wine, Christmas pudding and, of course, carol-singing.


(Published by Lodge of Amity)

Christmas at The Broadstone Lodge. 

Tuesday evening saw the passing to the second degree of Bro Phil Barlow. Phil was word perfect with his questions and and all the officers performed a great job. Well done everyone.

After the ceremony as is tradition our ladies and partners joined us for a Christmas Festive Board. Afterwards we were entertained by members of the Wimborne Musical Theatre with Christmas songs and Carols. Tremendous atmosphere and very much enjoyed by everyone. more...

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St Aldhelms Chapter Centenary Planning Meeting 


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Deja-vu at Vespasian. 

Clive Barnett may be forgiven for experiencing a feeling of deja-vu when he was Installed as First Principal of Vespasian Chapter, for the third time. It was in the millennium year that Clive was first appointed First Principal and again in 2010. With David Armstrong also having been previously Installed as Third Principal, Graham Frampton was the only 'newcomer' Principal when he was Installed into the office of Second Principal. more...

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Cliff welcomed into the Royal Arch! 

Cliff Shute, a member of Brownsea Island Lodge has been welcomed into the Royal Arch during an enjoyable convocation in the Chapter of St. Martin, no.7986.

Bob Pennington, First Principal, conducted a memorable exaltation ceremony, attended by Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter, before retiring to a happy Festive Board. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Chapter of Dorset)

Bro Terry Middleton completes 60 years as a Mason 

At the November meeting of the Broadstone Lodge, Bro Terry Middleton was presented with a certificate and lapel pin by our visiting grand officer WBro. Matt Devereaux on behalf of our Provincial Grand Master, in celebration of 60 years in freemasonry.

Terry is a founder of the lodge and great supporter of every aspect freemasonry in general and the smooth operation and running of the lodge in particular. more...

(Published by Broadstone Lodge)

Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge dedicates it's banner! 

It was a bumper attendance at the Province's newest lodge for the dedication of their banner by the Provincial Grand Master.

Following several years of exploring the possibility of a 'themed' lodge to attract fresh membership, Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge was consecrated in April 2017 with the 'Founders' being a mixture of all ages, some of whom are working men and others that have retired. more...

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November 2019 Installation Meeting 

Our November meeting is our Installation meeting where the Master for the ensuing year is installed, he then appoints his officers completing the team that will preside over the Lodge activities for that year.

Continuing for his second year in the chair Michael Wilson oversaw the proceedings ably assisted by the Installing Master Jim Adair. more...

(Published by Ashley Lodge)

Long and Exemplary Service 

Exalted into Kinson Chapter, in 1969, Tony Hutley has been presented with the Grand Superintendent's 'Certificate of Long and Exemplary Service' for the 'Valuable Services rendered by him to Royal Arch Masonry in the Province of Dorset for Fifty Years'. more...

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History and symbolism of the apron of the Provincial Grand Master 

The apron worn by the Provincial Grand Master is full of history and symbolism. So announced Harry Barnes, Past PGM for Dorset, during his fascinating talk to Brethren of The Kenneth Cross Lodge of Dorset Provincial Grand Stewards, during their November meeting held at Kinson Masonic Hall. more...

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Sherborne Freemasons donate £2400 to the Rendezvous Team & Green Shed Workshop. 

Cheques for £1200 each were presented to the two local charities by Dennis Porter, the outgoing Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Benevolence on the 26th Nov. 2019. All monies for charity come entirely from members contributions, raised at their monthly meetings throughout the year.

Rendezvous Team
The Team have been helping young people (13-25) improve their lives for over 20 years. more...

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Immaculate ceremony at Benevolence! 

During an immaculate ceremony at the Chapter of Benevolence, John Storey impressively installed Les Gould into the First Principal's Chair, whilst John Wood was installed as Second Principal. Just five years after becoming a Freemason and, after joining the Royal Arch the following year, Dennis Porter was Installed into the Third Principal's Chair. more...

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A 'grand' start to the Lodge of Amity Festival 25 contributions 

The Lodge of Amity, at their first meeting following the official announcement of the Province's Festival 25, kick-started their contributions by presenting a cheque for £1,000 to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.

The occasion was the Lodge's annual 'Founders Night' meeting, where the founding of the Lodge in 1765 is celebrated in unique style. The meeting this year included a fascinating talk on the Founding of the Lodge given by Martin Adlem.

(Published by Lodge of Amity)

A 'grand' start to the Lodge of Amity Festival 25 contributions 

The Lodge of Amity, at their first meeting following the official announcement of the Province's Festival 25, kick-started their contributions by presenting a cheque for £1,000 to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.

The occasion was the Lodge's annual 'Founders Night' meeting, where the founding of the Lodge in 1765 is celebrated in unique style. The meeting this year included a fascinating talk on the Founding of the Lodge given by Martin Adlem. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

The Lodge of Amity Ladies Night 2019 

There is always one night of every Master's year that everyone looks forward to. It is, of course Ladies Night, when the brethren of the Lodge invite their ladies, friends and family to a celebration in honour of the Worshipful Master's Lady.

The Lodge of Amity is no exception, and this year over 80 members, ladies and friends gathered at the Mayfair Hotel in Bournemouth on Saturday 16th November for their Ladies Night. more...

(Published by Lodge of Amity)

The 2019 Dorset Provincial Gala Ball raises over £2,750 for Festival 25 

Just over 200 guests enjoyed a fantastic evening of entertainment at the Queens hotel in Bournemouth on Saturday 16th November raised over £2,750 for the Festival. A very enjoyable event raising money for a very good cause. more...

(Published by Festival 25)

Thank You! - DMC donates £25,000 to Festival 25 

Our very own charity, Dorset Masonic Care has donated the magnificent sum of £25,000 towards Festival 25.
This along with the announcement of a matched funding scheme for Lodges supporting non-Masonic Charities during 2020 is very welcome indeed. Once again showing that Dorset really does care about making a difference.

(Published by Festival 25)

29 years on for Ron Kiver 

Andy Rogers, Installing Principal, conducted a first-class ceremony when he installed Andy Jennings as First Principal of the St. Aldhelm's Chapter, no.2559. more...

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Charity presentation to 'Amelia's Rainbow'. 

W.Bro Bo Rouse, Lodge of Meridian Master 2018 - 2019; presenting a cheque for £1000.00 to Ms Farah batchelor of the charit Amelia's Rainbow. Amelia's Rainbow is a Dorset based charity and it supports childeren suffering from Neuroblastoma, a rare and life-threatening cancer that affects children.
The Worshipful Master, W. more...

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Charity presentation to Hengistbury Head National Coastwatch 

Hengistbury Head National Coastwatch were very pleased to welcome W.Bro Peter Meade and Bro Rob Bury to the Lookout on Thursday. Peter and Rob are members of the Lodge of Meridian and and presented a cheque for £250.

HHNCI being one of their 2019 charitable causes. Thank us for our donation, they really appreciate our support.

Photo: more...

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Class of '98' 

The four Provincial Grand Stewards of Dorset appointed in 1997 hold an annual reunion each year, and this year it was the turn of All Souls Lodge, no.170, to act as host during their Act of Remembrance meeting.
The 'Class of '98', as they are affectionately known, comprises Kevin Abbiss, All Souls Lodge, no.170, Terry Roddick, De Moulham Lodge, no.1146, Clive Deakin, London Haven Lodge, no.7300 and Chris Hubbard Quintus Lodge, no.8118. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Masonic Charitable Foundation / Festival 25. The real life impact. 

Please read this guest article by Wayne Ingram on the work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the importance of our support for Festival 25.

As a Freemason, I am often approached by the charity steward asking if I would like to give anything to the MCF? This is usually as I am consuming one of several roast potatoes which I have readily placed on my plate during the festive board. more...

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Freemasons at Remembrance Parade 

Wimborne Freemasons from the four Lodges who meet at the Wimborne Masonic Hall in the Corn Market gathered to pay their respects at the Royal British Legion Remembrance Parade and Service at the Minster.

The Brethren took their places and marched from the Royal British Legion in the town to the Minster for the Remembrance Service.

On completion wreaths were laid by WBro Dan Martin, Master of the Lodge of St Cuthberga and WBro Terry Fuller, A/DC of Amphibious Lodge. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Dorset Masonic Care present a £25,000 cheque 


(Published by Dorset Masonic Care)

Dorset Ashlar Housing Trust: Annual Report & Accounts [DAHT] 

I attach a copy of a letter I have received from the Secretary of Dorset Ashlar Housing Trust (DAHT), WBro Matt Devereux, together with the Report and Accounts to which he refers.

DAHT is one of only two Dorset Provincial charities in existence, the other being Dorset Masonic Care (DMC). It owns and lets out to necessitous Dorset Freemasons and their widows ten two bedroom and two one bedroom flats at Kenneth Cross Court, 100 North Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH14 0NA at subsidised rents. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Children's Christmas Party - 7 Dec 2019 - Portland Masonic Centre 

Dear Sirs

Please find attached a poster and booking form for the Children's Christmas Party being held at the Portland Masonic Centre on the afternoon of Saturday 7th December. This is open to children of Masonic families. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

I would be most grateful if you could share this with your membership.

Kind regards

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Beyond the Craft': Kinson Masonic Hall on Saturday, 13th June 2020 

I am writing to you to inform you that we are at the planning phase of staging a 'Beyond The Craft' event at the Kinson Masonic Hall.

This will be scheduled for Saturday 13th June 2020 and include all Orders (beyond craft) active at the KMH.

The event will be hosted by the Ferncroft Masonic Club and held downstairs at the KMH in the dining hall where each Order will manage a trestle table displaying their respective banners, regalia and appropriate literature. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Dorset Provincial Raft Race: 2020 

WBro Geoff Ruffell, the Secretary of the Lodge of Meridian, has now stepped down as the organiser of the annual Provincial Raft Race, an event which he created and ran so adeptly. His mantle has passed to WBro Mike Parkes, the Secretary of Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge and on his behalf I attach a poster giving details of next year's raft race which is due to take place on Sunday, the 5th July 2020.


(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Provincial Team in Hertfordshire 

Having received a warm welcome to the Annual Convocation of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Hertfordshire, Clive Deakin, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal of Dorset, congratulates Robert Asser upon his Installation as the newly appointed 3rd Provincial Grand Principal of Hertfordshire. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Chapter of Dorset)

Wimborne Freemasons remember their fallen 

The November meeting of the Lodge of St Cuthberga was well attended. We particularly remembered the fallen Freemasons throughout the Province of Dorset who died on active service during the Great War, in whose memory the United Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street, was subsequently erected and appropriately dedicated.

In the temple the Union Flag adorned four empty chairs in memory of the Brethren, who set off from 622 those many years ago, and laid down their lives for our freedom. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)


During Steve Dunster's term as WM last year, the lodge raised £2184 which he was delighted to present to Victoria School. The money will go towards new equipment for their play area which is in need of modernisation. The school in Lindsay Road, Branksome, caters for children between the ages of 9 and 14 with disabilities which prevent them from taking part in normal activities. more...

(Published by St Aldhelm's Lodge)

Chapter donates £2000 to Festival 25 

Following our Provincial Grand Master's address at the Sherbone Provincail meeting on October 24th The Deputy Grand Superintendent of Dorset, Mike Worne presented a Cheque for £2,000. This marks the start of support from the Provincial Grand Chapter of Dorset for Festival 25 and was received with grateful thanks. more...

(Published by Festival 25)

The MCF donates £4000 to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. 

As part of his official visit to our Provincial meeting in Sherborne on Thursday 24th October, Paul Crockett the Fundraising Support Officer for the MCF, presented a certificate to Carrie Cardale of the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, marking a donation from the MCF of £4,000 to the charity.


(Published by Festival 25)

October 2019 Regular Meetng 

What on paper looked to be a relatively quiet October business meeting turned into a great evening with a lot of laughter and arguably the highlight in meal choice for the year- steaming Steak and Kidney Pudding!!


(Published by Ashley Lodge)

Vespasian Lodge passes Universities Scheme candidate. 

Chris Wilmoth, a Universities Scheme candidate and member of London Haven Lodge, was Passed to the Second Degree in an impressive ceremony at the Vespasian Lodge.

Chris, together with members of London Haven, was welcomed to Vespasian Lodge by the Master, Robert Fletcher. The Passing ceremony was ably carried out by Steve Spender, the Immediate Past Master. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Longest Serving Dorset Companion! 

Some terrific work by our longest serving Companion at the the Installation of the Three Principals at the Chapter of Unity, no.386, on Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Peter O'Neil is the longest serving Companion in Dorset. As Installing 1st Principal, Peter carried out an impressive Installation ceremony at The Chapter of Unity at which the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Mike Worne, and members of Provincial Grand Chapter, were in attendance. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Chapter of Dorset)

Blackmore Vale donate almost £400 to Festival 25! 

Blackmore Vale Lodge made a great start to the Festival 25 at their Installation with a donation of £394!

Their new Worshipful Master, Roger Jackson is pictured here with members of the Provincial team Very Worshipful Brother Chris Lill, Deputy ProvGM, Ted Aston, Mark Gibson and Adam Perkins, together with Blackmore Vale Senior and Junior Wardens Colin Sandall and Andy Conduit.

They had a very successful evening and a packed festive board at the St. Mary's Church Hall. more...

(Published by Festival 25)

Beyond The Craft - Knights Templar Provincial Priors Bodyguard in Malta 

A guest article by Les Miskimmin on the Knights Templar, Province of Dorset and Wiltshire, Provincial Priors Bodyguard Visit to Valletta Malta in October 2019.
'Firstly, we are grateful to the Provincial Prior John Cave for giving his approval for his bodyguard members, past and present, to visit the Priory of the Order of Malta and the Knights Templar Preceptory in Valletta, Malta. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)


Our latest donation to this worthwhile charity. Total now raised is £9389, more...

(Published by St Aldhelm's Lodge)

Bro Gary Britten's 2nd at 1037 

Bro Gary Britten was invited by Portland Lodge 1037 to have his passing to the second degree at their meeting on the 17th October 2019. Answering his questions brilliantly, (doing Vindelis proud). Gary was passed to the 2nd degree in a very professional manner by the officers of 1037. more...

(Published by Vindelis Lodge)


Over the last four years, successive masters of St Aldhelm's Lodge have nominated the Youth Cancer Trust in Westbourne as their chosen charity for their year. To date, the lodge has already given £4822 towards a new van for transporting the children to various activities and, this week, a further £4567 was presented by Stuart Reeve (on the right) and Dennis Spencer (on the left) totalling a magnificent £9389. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Raising Funds for Festival 25 

Although the 2025 Festival doesn't officially launch until October some events have already taken place raising money for Festival 25 alongside local charities with further events in the coming months. more...

(Published by Festival 25)

Wimborne Freemasons travel to Southgate Masonic Centre 

Brethren from the lodge of St Cuthberga No.622 travelled to Southgate Masonic Centre in London to support WBro Peter Sheehan on his installation into the chair of United Companions Lodge No.7184.

Dan Martin the WM of St Cuthberga arranged for eight members to surprise Peter as he entered the lodge ready for his instalment. Thankfully Peter was pleasantly astonished to see us. We were subsequently treated to an excellent ceremony and hospitable company from the members of the lodge. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Llewellin Installation 23/09/2019 

The members of Llewellin 79076 were delighted to install W Bro. Phil Purvis in a great evening 23/09/19

left to right W Bro Simon Delahunty Provincial DC, W Bro Colin Wills Provincial Grand Senior Warden, VW Chris Lill, Deputy PGM of Dorset, W Bro Phil Purvis Installed Master Llewellin Lodge No 7907, W Bro Bob Fairlie SW Llewellin Lodge No 7907, and Bro Chris Moorley JW Llewellin Lodge No 7907 more...

(Published by Llewellin Lodge)

A Man, a Mason and a Soldier 

Robert G.Cave was born in 1857 and Initiated into the Lodge of St. Cuthberga in 1885 and became Master in 1895. The Provincial Lodge of Dorset honoured him with the Rank of Grand Steward in 1894, Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1896, and Senior Grand Warden in 1901. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Coming Soon 

Available for order in November more...

(Published by Festival 25)

September 2019 Regular Meeting 

Our first meeting after the summer break on Friday 27th September went off with bang. A long evening, starting an hour earlier than normal, with the Provincial Grand Master for Dorset opening a session of Provincial Grand Lodge in order to promote and invest 18 of his Visiting Officers and senior Brethren. Aided by his full team this part of the evening had all the pomp and ceremony associated with a full Provincial meeting. more...

(Published by Ashley Lodge)

Freshers Fair - Bournemouth University 

For the third consecutive year, Dorset Freemasons exhibited at the annual Bournemouth University Freshers' Fair

A huge exhibition for 18,000 students, offering displays from businesses, organisations and charities, as well as a range of live entertainment, music and food and drink.

Brethren (mostly students) from London Haven, the Dorset Universities Scheme Lodge, manned a busy stand throughout the event. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Field Promotions at Ashley Lodge. 

Almost unprecedentedly for Dorset Freemasonry the Provincial Grand Master opened Provincial Lodge at the regular meeting of a Dorset Lodge and 'field promoted' all his Visiting Officers below that level to 'Past Provincial Warden'.

In a beautiful ceremony the PGM, supported by his team, thanked his VOs for their service to the Province and invested each of them in turn during the meeting of The Ashley Lodge 6525. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Charity Steward cheque presentation - Weldmare Hospice 

Dorset Fairway Charity Steward Bro Mark Ford hands over £186.20 to a branch of Weldmare Hospice in Weymouth, the money was collected after Dorset Fairway masonic lodge based in Dorchester held a number of charity raffles, Mark said one of the best bits of his job, is handing over the money to important local charity's like Weldmare. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Dorset Freemason completes the Coast to Coast Rat Race 

Wimborne Freemason Adam Carrier completed the Coast to Coast Rat Race, which is a 105 mile multi discipline event (run/bike/kayak) stretching from Nairn on the East coast of Scotland to the Isle of Glencoe in the West coast of Scotland. In the process Adam raised sponsorship for his Masonic Lodge's chosen local charity, the Isabel Baker Foundation.

The Dorset Provincial Communications Team were able to track and publish Adam's progress throughout the challenge. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Charity Cheque presentation - Volunteer Centre Dorchester from Dorset Fairway Lodge. 

Bro Ford presenting a cheque to Siobhan Davies (project coordinator) for the Volunteer Centre Dorchester from Dorset Fairway Masonic Lodge. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

The oldest social network in the world goes viral. 

With a thriving social media presence of over 100,000 followers across its platforms, the United Grand Lodge of England's (UGLE) headquarters, Freemasons' Hall, aims to be the most photographed venue across Open House London this weekend.

UGLE will be taking part in the world's largest architecture festival Open House London on 21-22 September – offering visitors architectural tours, fun family activities and access to the Museum of Freemasonry. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Festival Briefings in Setember 

A big thank you to all the Lodge Charity Stewards, Lodge representatives and Visiting Officers who turned out for the Festival 25 Briefings on the 5th and 11th of September in Blandford and Dorchester. We hope that these briefings were both informative and useful. Hopefully these will become an annual event where Lodge charity stewards can network with ideas being exchanged. more...

(Published by Festival 25)

DMSA GOLF - AutumnOpen Meeting - 25th October 

Please contact Darren Baker for entry details of this years DMSA Autumn Open Meeting - 25th October 2019.

FYI - Friday 25th October is the last working day before the clocks go back.

As this is my first solo event I wanted to keep the event at my local golf club Came Down, but future events will be held all around Dorset. So, if you have any courses you would like to play on, please let me know. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Charity Lucky Ball Draw 

Good Afternoon Gentleman

As your Charity Steward , at the GP meeting last week , I have proposed a Charity ' Lucky Ball Draw'.

This is how it work's & please , if you can please let me know if you would like a ticket , so I can work out amount of interest & amount of ball's required.

And you can of course buy more than one ball , but it's one ball per member at the start.

41 Ball's for 41 Fairway members. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Dorset Masonic Care and South Dorset Masons come together to support Sea Cadets 

Dorset Freemasons and the Dorset Masonic Charity have come together to donate over £9,300 to Portland Sea Cadets. The donation, from individual Lodges across the south of the county and topped up by Dorset Masonic Care (DMC), has been used to buy two new sailing dinghies. The was raised by Masons in events throughout the year and funds left in bequests and gifts to the DMC. more...

(Published by Dorset Masonic Care)

Short Videos on Freemasonry 

We have posted some short videos on Freemasonry, introductions to four aspects of Masonic life. Please copy and paste the links below into your web browser.


Origins of Freemasonry

Symbolism in Freemasonry

Life of a Freemason

What Is Freemasonry more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Max Events Bournemouth 

On Saturday 31 August the Brethren, family and friends of the Lodge of St Cuthberga enjoyed a fun packed day at Max Events Bournemouth.

The Boss, Bro Phil Coxall, organised an exhilarating programme of activities assisted by Bro Terry Westwell. Four evolutions included, axe and tomahawk throwing, crossbow, rage karts and clay pigeon shooting. The Master, Dan Martin, also managed to 'blow up' a few explosive rigged zombies with an MP5. Does it get any more fun than that! more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Amphibious Lodge honours Royal Navy VC winner. 

As we come to the end of the Worshipful Masters year in Office we have been busy distributing the proceeds of the Brethren's fundraising efforts to the various good causes he has chosen. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Dorset Freemason opens Pawseidon in Poole 

Together with their dogs, Dorset Freemason Scott and his colleague Jimmy sustained life-changing injuries whilst on active service with a specialist unit in the military. Sadly dog Zero was called to the Great Meadow Above after receiving fatal wounds. Dog Max was euthanised having lost his long battle with an injury.

Losing their 'partners' often overshadowed the physical pain Scott and Jimmy learned to cope with on a daily basis. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Branksome Joint Lodges Summer Boat Trip 

Some 80 members of the 6 lodges meeting at Branksome and their families once again enjoyed a boat trip around the islands in Poole Harbour and out to Old Harry, picking up fish 'n chips at the Haven before heading back to the Quay for the firework display.

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Lodge of Benevolence supporting SANDS 

Peter Cairns and Worshipful Master Dennis Porter from The Lodge of Benevolence in Sherborne present a cheque for £200 to Leonie Parrott, a member of the Yeovil Snowdrop Group which is affiliated to SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society).

Yeovil SANDS is run by a committee of bereaved parents and midwives to support anyone affected by the loss of a baby. Their support meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month between 7.30pm and 9. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Aug 2019 Lodge of Benevolence 

Another good show supporting a local charity.

W Bro Peter Cairns and our Worshipful Master W Bro Dennis Porter present a cheque for £200 to Leonie Parrott, a member of the Yeovil Snowdrop Group which is affiliated to SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society). more...

(Published by Lodge of Benevolence)

Ferndown Lodge supports the Prostate Cancer screening programme 

At Ferndown Lodge Installation meeting on 27th February, the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge Worshipful Brother Alan Connell was delighted to present a cheque for £1000 to Worshipful Brother Alan Higgin towards the Prostate Cancer PSA testing programme which he leads at regular drop in meetings throughout Dorset. These are available to all men over the age of 45 in Dorset. This is proving a very successful campaign which has already saved lives. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Activities Day: Saturday, 31st August 2019 The Lodge of St Cuthberga 

Activities Day: Saturday, 31st August 2019 - The Lodge of St Cuthberga TextDetails of an activities day which the Lodge has organised to take place at the Max Events Activity Centre near Bere Regis on Saturday, the 31st August 2019. The activities are crossbow shooting, axe throwing, clay shooting and a quad-bike safari and all members of your Lodges and their families are invited tojoin the members of the Lodge of St. Cuthberga with a picnic for a fun day out. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Peter Lowndes Open Challenge Cup 14/05/2020 

Dear Sir and Brother

The District Grand Lodge of Cyprus has the pleasure of inviting golfers to Cyprus to play in the annual Peter Lowndes Open Challenge Cup, tobe held on the 14th May 2020 at the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club. Practice rounds (optional) at discounted rates, have been arranged via the District for the 13TH. May 2020.

The event Poster and Participation Form are attached. Please note that the deadline for the participation forms is 31 March 2020. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Provincial Appointments & Promotions 2019 

Please see list of Provincial appointments below, congratulations go to WBro Bob Parkes.

Appointments to Active Office - 2019

Provincial Senior Grand Warden WBro R.E. Francis 6525
Provincial Junior Grand Deacon WBro J.E.A. Plowman 7860
Provincial Junior Grand Warden WBro E.W.J. Aston 1266
Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary WBro C. Blows 472
Provincial Grand Chaplain WBro The Rev A.F. Pearce 9649
Provincial Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies WBro R. more...

(Published by Dorset Fairway Lodge)

Bro Glen Short 


It is my sad duty to have to inform you that I have received a communication, that Bro Glen Short has been called to the Grand Lodge Above, after a short period of illness, on Monday 29 July 2019.

Details of Funeral Arrangements are below:.

Service at United Church South Street Dorchester at 1200 followed by Cremation at Weymouth 1300, Friday 20th August. more...

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Wimborne Freemasons Family Garden Party 

The Brethren, family and friends of the Lodge of St Cuthberga enjoyed their annual garden party and hog roast at Keeper's Lodge at Kingston Lacy. The event has been hosted by David and Sally in the beautiful gardens of their exquisite 16th century thatched cottage for over 25 years.

Approximately 120 adults attended, many from other lodges and all supporting the Master's charity for his year in office, 'The Isabel Baker Foundation'. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Portland Lodges Support Local Sea Cadets 

The evening was an overwhelming success with over 115 persons present to witness the presentation of 20 cheques from various Lodges, Orders and personal donations giving a grand total of £5,705.00
A really great response and a lot of hard work by WBro Vic Pomeroy in getting the money in. 80 people from the Sea Cadets were present and the families of the Cadets were then taken to see the Lodge Temple. more...

(Published by Portland Lodge)

Freemasons support the local community. 

The WM of Amphibious Lodge WBro George Forster and Lodge Charity Steward, Bro Stewart McKell paid a short visit to Greenwood Club. They met with 'Jill' and her small team in the woods at Wareham. The reason they made this visit was to present a cheque for £2000 to this very worthy local charity. The money was raised by the members of Amphibious Lodge and other local Masons. The Charity was just one local group chosen by the Lodge for their support this year. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Dorset Masonic Fishing Champions 

Masons from Broadstone Lodge 8641 supported the Dorset Province branch of the National Masonic Fishing Charity took 11 special needs students fishing for the day on Friday 12th July.
Paul Ilott, Karen Ilott, Charles Dean and Andy Davies were at Moor Farm fishing lakes near Weymouth along with other anglers and helpers from across the Province to give the students a great taste of fishing, often for the first time, and a super big BBQ afterwards. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Dorset Fairway Lodge Ladies Dinner Night - 30th September 

Date: 30th November 2019

Location: The Royal Dorset Yatch Club, Weymouth, DT4 8BG

Timings: 7pm for 7.30pm

Dress Code: Formal Black Tie

Dinning: A full Menu is shown Below

Payment & Costs: £40 pp payable to A. Anderson by 30th September 2019.

Time Lines: Lodge Members Confirmation by 30th September 2019. Thereafter Open to other lodges.

The cost of the evening includes a four course meal, toasts & entertainment. more...

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Happy Birthday Glenys 

On Sunday 21st of July 2019 Purbeck Lodge Members decorated the Masonic Hall at Branksome with flowers,bunting, pot plants,balloons,making sandwiches,cakes,quiches and scones, to celebrate the 100th birthday of Glenys Constandinos a widow of Purbeck Lodge for 48 years !

Glenys was accompanied by eight other Purbeck Lodge widows,and in addition also attending was her 'baby' brother Alby [95 years old]!!
All enjoyed live entertainment, cream teas, cakes and champagne. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

6 Intrepid Dorset Freemasons aiming high !!! 

Over the weekend of September 28/29/30 6 intrepid Dorset Masons will undertake the National 3 Peaks Challenge, climbing Ben Nevis, Scafel Pike and Snowdon raising money for the MCF, Julia's House Hospice and Forest Holme Hospice.

All 3 charities make a huge difference to so many peoples lives offering them help and support when most needed. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)


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