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Sep. 2021

Dorset young people's mental health charity helped by Freemasons

Dorset branch of the mental health charity Mind received a grant of £25,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation for their project concentrating on young people's mental health in our area, directly related to the consequences of the Pandemic called 'Mind your Head' .

A survey conducted by Young Minds across the UK in June 2020 reported the following:

• 80% of under 18's agreed that the coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse. 41% said it had made their mental health 'much worse', up from 32% in the previous survey in March.' This was often related to increased feelings of anxiety, isolation, a loss of coping mechanisms or a loss of motivation.
• 87% of respondents agreed that they had felt lonely or isolated during the lockdown period, even though 71% had been able to stay in touch with friends.
• 40% who had not previously had mental health issues said that they were now struggling with their mental health.

Marie Glen from the charity said:

'Children and young people across the area have had their lives turned upside down by the pandemic. Almost every young person has had to adjust to dramatic changes in their education or employment, routine and home life. Some have experienced bereavement or other traumatic experiences during the lockdown period, while groups who were already marginalised or disadvantaged are now likely to become even more so.'

The grant will be used to help finance a counselling service and a Wellbeing Check-in service operating across Dorset, Including Bournemouth and Christchurch (H & IOW). Helping to support up to sixty young people over the next twelve months.

This grant was made possible with help of funds raised by Dorset Freemasons for Festival 25.

To find out more about the Masonic charitable foundation and the work it does please click here.


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