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Aug. 2019

Raising Funds for Festival 25

Although the 2025 Festival doesn't officially launch until October some events have already taken place raising money for Festival 25 alongside local charities with further events in the coming months.

Cable Tow

Since the beginning of the year W Bro Brian Barton has been touring Lodges and presenting a handmade Cable Tow along with an explanation of its significance, all for a contribution to the Festival.

Summer Walk

At the beginning of July members of DeMoulham Lodge and The Ashley Lodge walked from Poole Masonic Hall to Swanage Masonic Hall on one of the warmest days of the year raising money for the upcoming Festival.

Sky Dive

Also, in early July WBro Alan Barlow the W.M. of Broadstone Lodge took on a Sky Dive with 50% of the funds he raised going towards his Lodges contribution to the Festival.

Raising money for the Festival is not just about holding collections or raffles at our Lodge meetings, it's about being creative, getting involved and having fun whilst doing good.


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