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Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure 2017

Thank You Messages to Dorset Freemasons from Provinces:

'My granddaughter had serious health problems…. The doctors tried all forms of medication to no avail so she was referred to surgeons ……. This course of action made her very depressed ….. and she has been undergoing psychology sessions which did not appear to be helping.

After a week spent abseiling, zip wiring, archery etc. she returned home a different young lady to the one who left.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my granddaughter and all the other children who went on the holiday, it makes me proud to say that I am a Freemason.'

'The time away gave us the opportunity to develop the professional relationships we have with the young people. One young man, who very rarely engages, spoke at length to us on the second night about his negative feelings …….. One young woman told us how her mother nearly died a few years ago ……. There were many more incidents, moments and events that make all your and our hard work worthwhile. There were tears, upset and laughing. Boundaries were pushed and fears were conquered. Memories were made that will last well into adulthood ----- Thank you for the opportunity.'

'..please pass on my best wishes to everyone and thank the PGM and his team for the wonderful work on the Jurassic Project ……….. the whole event was enjoyed by all.'

'I would like to thank the Freemasons of the Province of Dorset on behalf of Valleys Kids for your generous invitation enabling 16 children and 2 adults from Rhonda communities to be part of the Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure 2017.'

'Those of us that were lucky enough to accompany the Assistant Grand Master and our Provincial Grand Master to Osmington last week were all very impressed with the organisation, not only by us, Brian B and his team, but also the way in which PGL managed the events, I can now confirm that the young people were also very impressed, in fact I have several requests to 'do it again'.'

'The trip has been a great success ….. Thank you so much for giving these youngsters an opportunity they would never have had.'

''The generosity you showed to the deserving youngsters last week was incredible. It was an adventure and an experience that none of us will quickly forget! For all your fund raising, planning and organisation, we are really very grateful.'

'On behalf of Somerset County Scouts, and especially eight very happy, lucky youngsters, I would like to extend our heartfelt and most sincere thanks to you both - and to all your fellow Freemasons.

The generosity you showed to eight deserving youngsters last week was incredible. It was an adventure and an experience that none of us will quickly forget! For all of your fund raising, planning and organisation, we are really very grateful. Thanks and best wishes.'

further quotes from the 2017 Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure

'When I heard I had been picked for an extra week at PGL this summer I was so excited, and I especially liked that I was the first of the 4 of us to be told.
I loved going to a new PGL centre and as there was only 4 of us I got to meet children from other schools which was exciting as normally we stay just as our own school.'

At Osmington Bay PGL there were air rifles, so for the first time I got to use an air gun which was very exciting and I found I was quite good at it.
I was looking forward to this week all summer and am really grateful to the Masons for paying for it and sending me there. The Masons gave us spending money, t shirts and a hat which I was especially grateful for.
I realise how lucky I was.'

'I was so grateful to the Masons for funding a PGL trip for Robson in the summer.
He has attended PGL with school and absolutely loved it…child care for an autistic 14 year old is unheard of and trying to work and keep him entertained is hard. This was an absolute lifesaver, it gave him an absolutely wonderful week having adventures and meeting new people and doing all the activities he loves and gave me a week to get some work done and have a break.

The Masons are close to our hearts as my partners late Father was a Mason and they supported him so much after his loss.

SO a massive thank you from us both.'

'We wanted to write to you to share some of our memories and experiences;
The memories of the PGL experience will definitely be etched in our minds for years to come, as I am quite sure they will be for the young people too. The 10 young people (5 girls and 5 boys) have all experienced difficulties in their childhood and attending a PGL trip was an amazing opportunity for them. We saw each individual grow & each day we were touched by seeing wonderful heart-warming moments. The young people often surprised themselves by what they achieved, whether new skills, new friendships or how they've resolved conflict. The courage, team work and participation was wonderful to see and the sheer delight in their faces when they managed to overcome the fear and complete tasks that were petrifying to them. One of the key areas the young people can struggle with is their lack of self-esteem and this trip has helped the young people build on this and it has been wonderful to see their confidence flourish.

The young people enjoyed Jacobs ladder, aeroball, giant swing, abseiling, orienteering, sensory trail, learning skills of archery and rifle shooting and raft building. Our young people's team work for raft building was awesome and as my colleague said 'we would have happily asked the YP to build a raft if we were stuck on a desert island'.

The young people were delighted with receiving pocket money and all enjoyed taking lots of PGL souvenirs home to remind them of their stay.'


Kai's Best Bits:
'PGL felt like a holiday for me, I really enjoyed the archery and shooting and found them really interesting. It gave me more confidence and I completed activities I never thought I would.'

Ciaran Best Bits:
'I loved PGL and at first I was scared of heights, but conquered my fear on the giant swing. I am no longer scared of heights and managed to complete all of the climbing activities after this. I met some new friends and enjoyed my time away.'

Tom's Best Bits:
'I went during the summer holidays to PGL Dragon boating, it is where you go onto a lake and you get into a very long boat and you work as a team to go forward and you have to do various hand movements and say things and then you had to say things and the faster people rowed.

The giant swing was a swing you got strapped into I had to do this four times compared to others who did this twice. You sit in your harness people pull the rope and people pull you up and you say 'stop' and people stop pulling you at a certain height and there is tiny rope above you which you pull to release yourself. Then you go 'weeee'. The one at the Osmington bay was on a cliff side it looked like you were higher up than you were.

Jacob's ladder its seven pieces of wood high and each piece gets harder and further away and you can use your friend's rope or help each other up. I managed to get to the top solo and I also helped Ciaran get to the top after he hurt both of my knees!

As well as this we did Raft building, Abseiling, Rifle shooting, Archery, Camp fires, Orienteering, Photo challenge, Disco and Capture the flag. I now feel more confident about being away from home.'


Dorset Freemasons

As the Rolling Stones once sang 'It's all Over Now'. All children, accompanying adults and Dorset team members have left the Osmington site. Other than a couple of children with scratches there have been no recorded incidents within our groups. The PGL staff, have been much better than great, they have all stated what a fantastic time they have had with our groups. We have had lots of Smiley young faces during the event and lots of 'thank you' messages to Dorset Freemasons. We have achieved a wonderful, successful event.

Thank you all.

Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure Team.


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