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For Lodge L6582 - Meridian.

The Worshipful Masters Last Dinner

At the Lodge of Meridian regular meeting for March 2016, we entertained the Worshipful Master Rodney Hayes, for his final festive Board as the Worshipful Master. Rodney has asked to mark the said event with a slight difference to the normal festive board; to that end I preceded to investigate what we could possibly do; I was steered to assessing if we could decorate the tables in a manner befitting the Worshipful Master's background and also the brethren's aspects.

Having visited the Museum, it's very handy having the province's historical chattels to hand, wherein I identified a few items that would suffice; without the (extremely helpful) museum staff throwing a fit as I asked for the most historically valuable pieces to be loaned to us.

We were given the use of some very poignant items relative to the Dorset Province and also Masonry in general, but also an old Irish Masters apron, which was deemed befitting to the man.

We also asked a few brethren to bring in items that were pertinent to their backgrounds and would look ' in place & character'.... I hope from the pictures you get a good idea of how the night went.
The evening was epitomised by a very polished 2nd degree ceremony in which Bro Chris Davies was passed to the degree of a fellowcraft, and a remember able tracing board recited by the Worshipful Master himself.


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