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Jun. 2019

MEGS Address to Provincial Grand Chapter 2019

Our Provincial Grand Master, in his role as Grand Superintendent of the Royal Arch in Dorset has just addressed the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter of Dorset.


This time last year I told you that great changes were afoot as, in my new role as Provincial Grand Master, over the next year possibly two, I would endeavour to bring the Dorset Craft and Royal Arch together as one.

To facilitate this, changes had to be made at Senior level in the Provincial Grand Chapter to ensure the smoothest transition possible and to achieve my ultimate goal.

In appointing Bill Harper to Third Principal, I was sure he would be the calming influence we needed should we start to get ahead of ourselves in our desire to improve.

I must thank Bill in doing exactly that, he has been busy around the Province promoting the Royal Arch in his quiet unassuming way. We wish him well and a quieter year to come.

Clive Deakin joins the Team as 3rd Principal and like Bill, he is a quiet, unassuming, dignified Mason who we know extremely well through his work as Deputy Provincial Grand Master. He too, will be an asset to the Team

Companions, the Royal Arch is the Order in Masonry that I love the most so – I am sad that I was not able to visit as often as I would have wished, but the two main Orders, Craft and Royal Arch, are now working much closer than before – which is great for our Province and for the future.
Dorset Masonic Bikers Chapter No 1367 received approval from Supreme Grand Chapter at the Investiture in April and my Team and I will be looking forward to its Consecration as soon as they supply us with some suitable dates.

Please contact Trevor Bond (Provincial Almoner) for further details if you are interested. Companions from neighbouring Provinces will be welcome to either join or visit so, if you might be interested again, speak to Trevor Bond.
Also in April, we were pleased to attend Supreme Grand Chapter to see Excellent Companion Mike Worne receive promotion to Past Grand Sword Bearer, Mike Goody promoted to Past Grand Standard Bearer and Clive Deakin receive a first Appointment to Past Assistant Grand Standard Bearer. Our congratulations to them all. They all have jobs to do in our Chapter Team.

I have already welcomed our Official Guests including Heads of Other Orders and I thank them for their support today and trust that we will continue to enjoy a good relationship with them in the future.

I also welcome the Principals of our Dorset Chapters together with, most importantly - new Companions attending for the first time.
My sincere thanks go to my Scribe Ezra, David Sandall and his Team for their extremely hard work in arranging today.

To Roger Angel, my Director of Ceremonies and his Team for all their hard work also in ensuring the day runs smoothly.

To our Provincial Grand Printer of Menus and more or less every other piece of Printing seen around the premises today, EComp Andy Kelly, who, despite continuing bouts of poor health continuously demonstrates his willingness to be involved in anything connected with Freemasonry and all at his own expense. Andy, thank you so much.

To Companions of the two host Chapters, All Souls Chapter No 170 and Kinson Chapter No 5331 for all their assistance with Car Parking and Stewarding.

I also thank all those other Officers who are retiring today; I thank you all for your support during the last year. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Companions, many of you have travelled great distances to be with us today, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for our next Annual Convocation, here at Hamworthy on our usual date, which is Saturday 27 June 2020.
Companions, I mentioned in the opening that the Craft and Chapter in our great Province have already started moving closer together and you, my friends have stuck with me over the past 9 months.

You, my friends have turned around the Royal Arch fortunes in Dorset. This is clearly evidenced by the increase of 2% in our conversion rate of Brethren into Companions over the last 4 and 3/4 years since I became Grand Superintendent.
You my friends know that you can ask me questions at any time, and I will tell you why I want to do things in a certain way.

So from my address last year, I repeat this to you my friends and Companions, the next year or so in the Craft may be a bit of a Roller Coaster so I'm asking you now, hang onto your hats and let's go around as often as we must and let's enjoy the ride!!

Thank you Companions for all your support and may the True and Living God Most High keep you safe on your journey home and grant us all good Health and Happiness until we meet again.


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